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Name: Wolfeh
Contact: [ profile] AllintheBones

Name: Judy Hopps
Canon: Zootopia

Canon Point/Location: End of the movie | Edge!

Permissions: Nah~ Unless you don't want to get beat up by a bunny. :q

Age: I'm..going to say the equivalent of early 20s? At most.


Judy Hopps is, at her core, the epitome of a good guy. She stands up for the little guys, doesn't put up with crap from other people, and just wants to do whatever she can to help her community. She doesn't see everything in black and white, though, fully capable of seeing the gray area in things because--let's be honest--one has to see the gray in order to work with someone like Nick in the first place. All in all, she just wants to be a police officer that others can respect and that people can trust.

But she's not just a good guy either. Judy struggles just like every other person, lacking confidence in herself at times to the point that sometimes she wants to give up. There are also times when her temper flares and she makes bad decisions--or hasty ones really--and that can lead to her feeling beyond guilty especially if something goes wrong or someone gets hurt.

Judy is also very good at adapting to various situations. She catches on quickly when someone is trying to play her and is very good at playing them in return. When she's on her game she can generally get several steps ahead of other people in order to really catch them off guard. Her quick thinking and puzzle solving abilities are what have saved her and Nick several times over, though honestly she's at her best when she has him to help her along.

She's also way more sassy than most people realize at first and will not hesitate to snark right back at someone that decides to give her a hard time. So be warned. Also, she packs a mean punch. This little bunny is capable of taking down giant rhinos; humans won't scare her at all.

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